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Tin Angel Cafe - great little restaurant downtown! Local, organic produce and live music too!
Earth Goods General Store - Tons of recycled, organic, or sustainably produced items.

Searchlight Rig Stolen

Bad news to end the year on...

Some time on the evening of Monday, Dec. 1st 2008, one of our searchlight setups was stolen from the Kia dealership on Riverdale Road in Ogden. The trailer was brand new (we picked it up in October) and contained not only a searchlight but also the Honda generator which powered it, in addition to cables and other equipment. The dealership's security cameras were non-functional at the time of the theft.

The estimated cost for replacement is roughly $10,000 and we are also out the rental fees for all of the pre-holiday sales and other bookings. So yes, it's been a rough month! If you could please keep an eye out for this rig or parts thereof, we would appreciate it!

You can contact me at or Det. Bill Fuchs at if you have any information that might help in this case.

Here is a pic of the rig: